Faro – Portugal

During a quick two day visit in June ’16 I had the possibility to explore the lovely town of Faro in the southernmost part of Portugal.

Even though it’s just a small city, it has its own airport. I guess this is due to the fact, that the touristic Algarve region is beginning at its doorsteps. Most people landing in Faro are heading to the big hotel complexes at the coast, which leaves the city of Faro quite untouched by the masses and offers, therefore, the possibility to experience an authentic portuguese town.

Faro lies at the mouth of the river Ria Formosa which opens into the Parque Natural just in front of the city. From the city center it’s possible to catch a ferry to bring you to several islands that are located at the outermost part of the Parque Natural, which offer fantastic beaches (we visited the Ilha Deserta) and are the city’s natural protection from the sea.

Ilha Deserta in the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa

The old town, surrounded by the old city walls has a unique charme. Many houses are deserted and in a more or less advanced state of decay. The views from the cathedral are amazing and well worth the entry. The newer part of the city center consists of many small streets with interesting little shops, restaurants or pubs that are waiting to be explored and fill with life in the evening hours.

View from the cathedral over the old town and the Parque Natural de Ria Formosa to the sea – Sé de Faro

My favorite places in Faro:

Food and Drinks:


Here is a gallery of lovely Faro:



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